• futuretechnofromthepast

    Future Techno from the Past

    Here’s a new old DJ mix I made. It contains some of my favorite techno tracks of all times.
    This is future techno, from the past.

  • SingaporeMadnessFeature

    Singapore Madness

    Out now on GND records, another collaboration with Shinichi Osawa. Included in the release are two great remixes by Mumbai Science and The Sneekers. Preview here:

  • newnoise2

    Animal Prints Remixed

    Another day, another remix. This time for my good friends from Portugal, Animal Prints. It’s their debut track ‘Roar’, which will get released on Dim Mak at the end of March.

  • skinnyfitNews

    Skinny Fit Remix

    Here’s a preview of my remix for the upcoming Nid & Sancy EP, Skinny Fit


    ZZT Remix

    Last year I remixed one of my favorite tracks of 2011. And it’s still available for free on the┬áTurbo website.

  • soulwaxmas2011

    Soulwaxmas 2011 Pictures

    Here’s a great collection of pictures of last year’s Soulwaxmas. All done by Kurt Augustyns.




Building A Studio: Back to Making Music

I have been working on the studio for about a month now and it’s really starting to look good. But now I need to take a break and make some music. I’ll be back to work after I have finished some tracks. And I’m sure some people would prefer some new music over some more [...]


Building a Studio: A Fresh Start

It took me a while to get the space ready for a clean start. But that chapter is done. So from now on, no more posts about breaking things, I’m in building mode.


Building a Studio: Layers

It looks like I’m finally getting trough the deepest layers of wallpaper and fake walls and ceilings.

Paul Chambers

Is a producer, remixer, live artist and DJ who: Releasd music and remixes on Boys Noize Records, Phantasy Sound, Turbo, Southern Fried Records and Gigolo Records. Got Remixed by Soulwax and receives huge support from 2ManyDJs, Erol Alkan, Boysnoize, Mr. Oizo, Tiga, The Chemical Brothers and many more. Plays a live and a DJ set, which so far has brought him on Soulwax tours, Womb, HARD Haunted Mansion, Bestival, Fabric, Razzmatazz, etc.